Social Justice

Social justice in a digital society

Earlier this year I announced a project with the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Social justice in a digital age.카지노사이트 We set up the project to explore whether capitalism is changing in ways that require new strategies for the pursuit of social justice, different to those of the past. I framed the work by referring to the

Cultural Studies

Michael Ryan’s “Cultural Studies” published in Persian

Saless is the publisher of the book translated by Ahmad Fazeli Shushi.카지노사이트 First published in 2008, this hands-on survey introduces students to the diverse fields that comprise cultural studies, from visual culture to popular music and new media. It can be used as a standalone text or is the perfect companion volume to Ryan’s “Cultural

Social Support

Possible Gender Differences in the Level of Perceived Social Support in Couples Who Are Experiencing Issues With Infertility

ObjectiveThe purpose of this study is to examine whether there are gender differences in the level of perceived social support in couples experiencing issues with fertility.카지노사이트 MethodsA total of 938 participants aged 18-47 years, with self-reported issues of infertility, were evaluated using the Multidimensional Scale of Perceived Social Support (MSPSS) which comprises three subscales which

Sea Creature

News spotlight: Sea creatures could harbor the next generation of medications, but are they at risk?

Forests have long yielded lifesaving medicines. From cancer drugs like vincristine to quinine for malaria, about a quarter of the medications used in developed countries are derived from plants — in developing countries, it can be as much as 80 percent.카지노사이트 Increasingly, scientists are unlocking a new, natural medicine chest: the sea. Worldwide, 21 marine-derived